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Ordinary Deposit

Ordinary Deposit Account

Corporate customers can open Ordinary Deposit account for day-to-day operations (JPY) and earn interest on daily balances. The interest rate for balance of JPY 10 million but below JPY 50 million is 0.20%, for balance of JPY 50 million but below JPY 100 million 0.40% and for balance of JPY 100 million and above * 0.60%. (*Special Rates will be offered on a case to case basis.)

Transactions requiring identifications

Customer identification will be requested when a customer:-

  • opens a new account, rents a safe deposit box, enters into a custodial transaction etc
  • initiates cash transactions exceeding two million yen (e.g. money exchange (foreign currencies/foreign traveler’s checks etc))
  • initiates a domestic cash transfer and or overseas remittance exceeding JPY 100,000.

In the case of overseas remittances, customer identification will also be requested for transactions of one hundred thousand yen or less based on the Law on Reporting Requirements on Cross Border Payments and Receipts for the Tax law Compliance. A transaction may be declined when a customer cannot be properly identified.

Currency USD Transactions
(Available at Tokyo Branch only)

We can exchange USD currencies into JPY and vice versa. Such exchange is permissible only for our account holders. In the case of tendering of USD notes, the customers are required to declare the notes in the "Confirmation for Tendering US Dollar Notes".

Withholding Tax – For details, please Click Here

Internet banking

Internet Banking facility is available to retail customers through www.onlinesbiglobal.com. The application forms can be downloaded from this website and submitted to us. Customers can do Balance enquiry, get statements of account.

Notification of Changes

Whenever there is a change of place of work / place of residence etc., please intimate the Bank along with a copy of the identification document.

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