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State Bank of India, Tokyo offers fixed deposits in US dollar, GB pound & Euro from one month to more than 5 years. Customers can choose the period suitable thereunder. Competitive interest rates are quoted by the Bank. SBI deposits are a safe and reliable option to place funds with India’s largest bank.

For risk factors, customers may please see the Rules governing Time Deposits and provisions of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law listed below for clarification.

Types of accounts
Current Account

Corporates and individuals can open current accounts with our branches. For the purpose, the identification documents such as passport, alien card, driver’s license for individuals and certificate of company registration, certificate for seal registration, articles of incorporation and identification documents for the directors, company representative etc are required. A separate application form is needed for current accounts denominated in other currencies.

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Rules governing Current Account

The terms and conditions governing the current account are contained in “Current Account Rules” which will be handed over at the time of opening of the account. Whenever current accounts in a foreign currency is required, the customers are given the “Documents prior to execution of foreign currency deposits” and are advised to carefully go through the same to learn about the risks involved in the foreign currency current accounts.

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