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Today's Exchange Rate

Today's Exchange Rate


Bid Rate Offer Rate
Indian Rupee (INR) / Japanese Yen 1.6450 1.6750
Japanese Yen (100) / Indian Rupee (INR) 59.70 60.79
US Dollar / Japanese Yen 126.51 128.51
Nepalese rupee / Japanese Yen 1.001 1.051

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Disclaimer: The TT exchange rate quoted is indicative and for reference only. It is updated daily at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM local time, however bank reserves the right to change the rate any time because of market condition and volatility. The actual exchange rate applicable will be the one, applied on the date and time when the remittance is processed, and it may be different from the rates quoted on this site.

** The offer rates quoted for JPY/INR & INR/JPY are for information only.

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