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Remittance Osaka

Remittance Osaka
Procedure for sending remittance through Local Transfer

State Bank of India has over 10,000 branches all over India. Our wide network ensures smooth, speedy transfer of money at affordable cost. You may stay anywhere in Japan, but you can reach us right from your office desk. No need to come physically all the way to our branch for this purpose.

Sending remittance to India or to any country through Osaka branch is a simple process. All you have to do is to register with Osaka branch for remittance. Once you are registered, you can transfer your funds to your account or to any other person’s account in India or other countries without visiting our branch.

Now we have the facility of instant remittance of Rupee funds to over 10,000 core banking branches of SBI and also to RTGS/NEFT enabled branches of any bank in India.

Upon registering with us, just transfer the money to SBI, Osaka's account with Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd, Senba Chuo branch (Current Account No. 0731459) by 2.00 PM. The remittance details can be faxed to Osaka branch on the specified format to the dedicated fax (fax number can be obtained from the branch). When you want to send money in USD/INR, please confirm the exchange rate from Remittance section of Osaka branch (Phone no. 06-6271-3237).

For application form for remittance with declaration, please Click Here

Wire Transfer

*Please note that both incoming and outgoing Remittance in Japan is governed by Article 3 of the "Law on reporting requirements on cross border payments and receipts for the tax law compliance". As such you will be required to submit information to the Bank including the Name and address of the remitter and payee and Purpose of remittance, etc.